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You can find hereafter the materials of the talks during the GEOMON/IMECC joint annual meeting at WMO (Switzerland) on January 28, 2009. You can also find those relative to the IMECC Second General Assembly from here (restricted area)

GEOMON/IMECC joint meeting, Wednesday January 28, 2009


European chemical weather and climate from integrating observations

Ground based remote sensing of greenhouse gases (.pdf)
Thorsten Warneke, University of Bremen, Germany

Assessment of parameters reflecting site representativeness (.pdf)
Stephan Henne, Empa, Switzerland

GMES/Kopernikus Atmospheric Service (.pdf)
Philippe Waldteufel, Service d'Aeronomie, France

Arctic methane - will the warming feed the warming? (.pdf)
Rebecca Fisher, Department of Earth Sciences, RHUL, United Kingdom

A perspective on the global carbon cycle from trends in atmospheric CO2 and O2 (.pdf)
Ralph Keeling, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA

Climate change and the economy (.pdf)
Renaud Crassous, Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnement et le Developpement, France

Overview of WMO activities of relevance to GEOmon and IMECC (.pdf)
Len Barrie, Director, Research Department, WMO, Switzerland

Overview of WMO's Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) programme (.pdf)
Liisa Jalkanen, Chief, Atmospheric Environment Research Division, Research Department, WMO, Switzerland

On the use of the NRT CO2 data (.pdf)
Michel Ramonet, CEA/LSCE, France

On the use of air quality monitoring networks for the evaluation of nitrogen oxide emission inventories (.pdf)
Igor Konovalov, LISA/CNRS, France

Quantitative design of observational networks for the global carbon cycle (.pdf)
Thomas Kaminski, Fastopt, Germany


IMECC Second General Assembly, January 29-30, 2009

You can find all the presentations from the project internal web site


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