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Within the Transnational Access activities (TA) of the IMECC project, access to European Carbon Cycle Measurements Facilities is provided to user groups.

To ensure an overall balance in the IMECC types of TA access being granted, access is managed by a single central committee

Access via one page proposals on line Here for details

Contact: Eero Nikinmaa


The review process

The selection of the transnational access users is made by the peer review committee. This committee includes:

The independent experts include an expert on ecosystem measurement and an expert on atmospheric composition measurement.

Proposals will remain anonymous during the review process. The review process is organized by the Transnational Access activity Coordinator, largely by e-mail. The requests are presented for the selection panel monthly. The selection panel decides upon the request based on the scientific quality of the proposed project and the current possibility of the requested site to offer the access. After the decision all applicants are notified of the fate of the request and in case of negative answer, also the reasons for that.

For more information on the granted access, please select any of the following items:

The full application procedure can be download here (.pdf)


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