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Expression of interest for IMECC Transnational Access activities (TA)

IMECC offers six types of access

Before filling the application form, please have a glance on the granted infrastructures here or select them from the items below

Description of IMECC infrastructures

To ensure an overall balance in the IMECC types of TA access being granted, access are managed by a single central committee. Access via one page proposals on line is allowed hereafter. For further details on overall TA access, please contact Eero Nikinmaa

For more information on the granted access, please select any of the following items:


The application form can be filled in online hereafter or download from here (doc)

PLEASE NOTE: All the fields below are mandatory and must be filled in

Type of TA applied : TA1 TA2 TA3 TA4 TA5 TA6
Infrastructure for which access is applied:
Information on the party seeking TA
First Name and Surname:
Information on the planned project
Scientific context:
Amount of access requested:
Planned timing of the project:
Contact beetwen infrastructure and party seeking TA
Direct contact to PI offering TA to the infrastructure
IMECC assistance requested
Annexes (to be download below)
IMECC TA1 Access form
IMECC TA2-4 Access form
Access forms still pending


Transnational Acess forms can be download from below
TA2, TA3, and TA6 Access form (doc)

Note that the infrastructure access costs (e.g., flask analysis (TA1), technical support, accomodation etc.. and smaller degree of travel expenses) are funded by EU within the IMECC project.