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TA2: Access to CarboEurope-IP Atmospheric Network

This activity will give access to the stations of the atmospheric network to visiting scientists. Access possibilities include:

  • Access to stations for intensive campaigns to study physical, chemical or radiative behaviour of the atmosphere
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Lutjewad- LUT- Netherlands

Site geographical details
Altitude (m)
1 m a.s.l
High tower

Overview of the site

Lutjewad is located directly on the North Sea coast on sea clay soil in the north of the Netherlands. It is easily accessible from Groningen (at 30 km distance), but still in a very rural area. With northerly winds undisturbed marine background air is conveyed from North Sea, whereas easterly and southerly winds bring a wide range of continental influences from the Benelux and e.g. highly industrialized regions of Germany. To the north about 1 km of reclaimed land fade into the Wadden Sea tidal flats, the latter falling dry for large parts twice a day.

Lutjewad is equipped with meteorological instrumentation and sampling and measurement instruments related to the carbon cycle and greenhouse gases, as well as auxiliary measurements. Air intakes are fixed to the open metal frame tower at 7 m, 40 m, and 60 m above ground.

The tower and the station building provide sufficient space for more experiments.

Further details of the site are accessible on the web:

Contact details

Contact person: Rolf Neubert - CIO-RuG - Netherlands

To apply for the access of this site within IMECC TA go here


More pictures of the site