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IMECC Management Structure (NA1)

The following committes are responsible for various levels of managment within IMECC.

  1. Contractors' committee maintains an overview of the IMECC project and its progress. It consists of all the partners of IMECC

  2. Management committee is the responsible of routine management and progression of the project. It consists of the Project coordinator, Activity Coordinators, Component ccordinators and the activity leader for the Management Activity
  3. The Peer review committee for Transnational Access activities
  4. The Advisory Board reports in particular on the uptake of the various standardization and inter-comparison activities beyond the scope of the project. It consists of a senior advising scientist, representatives and experts of the various classes of infrastructures represented within IMECC and outside Europe, the Project Coordinator and one other representative from the Managment Committee and a representative of the Contractors'Committee

Their relationship is shown in Figure 1.

EU I³ IMMEC Management Structure

Figure 1: Relationship between the IMECC management committees