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Objectives of IMECC

The IMECC project aims to build the infrastructure for a coordinated, calibrated, integrated and accessible dataset for characterizing the carbon balance of Europe. It will achieve this by:

  1. Improving the comparability of atmospheric and ecosystem measurements of greenhouse gases and isotopic composition so that measurements made by diverse and widespread research programmes can be reliably combined

  2. Coordinating optimal development of infrastructure via comprehensive experimental design studies. IMECC will provide a web-based tool to calculate the impact of proposed measurements on knowledge of the European carbon cycle

  3. Improving access to existing and future atmospheric and ecosystem data for research and for other integrated projects via a coordinated data delivery centre

  4. Improving access to data on ecosystem parameters and state-of-the-art facilities for ecosystem measurement and manipulation for the European research community

  5. Tying European terrestrial data into emerging remotely-sensed datasets on atmospheric composition. IMECC will develop a transfer standard between European atmospheric measurements and satellite measurements using ground-based remote sensing. The quality of the transfer standard will be tested with routine aircraft profiling

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