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Within the Transnational Access activities (TA) of the IMECC project, access to European Carbon Cycle Measurements Facilities is provided to user groups.

To ensure an overall balance in the IMECC types of TA access being granted, access is managed by a single central committee

Access via one page proposals on line Here for details

Contact: Eero Nikinmaa


Other information for users

Financing covers the necessary operating costs of providing access. However, some expenses such as travel to the institution that hosts the infrastructure and hotel costs to stay nearby are not covered by the TA budget. Travel can be included as a cost if the site is remote and involves travel to get from the hosted institution of the infrastructure to the site. Similarly, in general hotel costs would not be covered, but the costs of spending a night on-site could be included (if 24 hour access was important, for example).

The TA funding is dedicated only to the providers of TA services. Thus, if necessary, the users are strongly encouraged by IMECC to apply for e.g., travel funding near these selected mobility projects.

For more information on the granted access, please select any of the following items:

The full application procedure can be download here (.pdf)


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