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TA2: Access to CarboEurope-IP Atmospheric Network

This activity will give access to the stations of the atmospheric network to visiting scientists. Access possibilities include:

  • Access to stations for intensive campaigns to study physical, chemical or radiative behaviour of the atmosphere
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Pallas - FMI- Filand

Site geographical details

Overview of the site

Pallas atmospheric station is located near the northern limit of the boreal zone in northern Finland inside Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park. Measurements are carried out at a top of an arctic hill. The station is maintained by Finnish Meteorological Institute together with Finnish Forest Research Institute. Pallas is a WMO Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) global site. Air flows from arctic marine as well as from continental regions are observed at Pallas, and the site is representative of relatively clean background air. Pallas station is equipped with a wide range of gaseous, aerosol particulate and meteorological instrumentation.

Further details of the site are accessible on the web:

Contact details

Contact person: Tuula Aalto - FMI Finland

To apply for the access of this site within IMECC TA go here

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