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Transnational Access activities 4 (TA4)

Access to European Ecosystem Measurement Facilities

The flux network represents a unique infrastructure. Data are collected every 30 minutes on a 24 hour basis, providing continuous monitoring of relevant biospheric exchanges of CO2 and energy at varying time scales. 14 selected sites will be available. The sites span latitudes from Finland to Portugal, and a wide range of environments. The access allows ecologists, plant physiologists and general experimentalists in the field of biogeoscience to carry out research in different sites by developing new sensors or collecting field samples. Acccess includes:

  • Administrative support
  • Use of the general infrastructure of each of the flux tower sites. This includes use of utilities and provision for overnight stay site facilities and measurements as part of their experiment
  • Use of specific research equipment (negotiated in advance)
  • On-site logistic support

Details on the selected sites can be found below

Description of the sites
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