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Transnational Access activities 5 (TA5)

Preparation of Standard Gases

This service gives external users access to air standard gases needed for calibration of atmospheric composition measurements. The preparations of standard gases will be made available in high-pressure cylinders (160-200 bars) optionally with pre-assigned concentrations of CO2 (on request CO, CH4, and N2O can also be modified). The partner Max-Plank Institue Jena (MPG) will make available these preparations.

Appropriate high pressure cylinders with a valid pi-certificate have to be provided by the user. Targeted mixing ratios can be offered only within the atmospheric concentration range. The specific details of a requested standard (cylinder type, aimed concentration and target tolerance) have to be discussed with MPG before.


Contact details

For more details on the TA5 infrastructures, please contact the following person:

To apply for the access go here


Some pictures of the GASLABS infrastructures

Highslide JS MPG Jena - Germany

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