A Sample Form Using FormMail.pl

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Here is an example of an INPUT TEXT field:

Your First and Last Name:
Your Department:
Your E-Mail Address:

An example of checkboxes--you can choose more than one:

I use the following computers:

  1. Windows 95.
  2. Macintosh.
  3. UNIX.
An example of radio buttons--you can only choose one:

My favorite program is:

  1. Netscape
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Lynx

An example of a selection menu:

What would you like to do next?

An example of a textarea for collecting large blocks of text:

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Created/Last revised: 24 July 1997/29 August 2001
Author: Hope Greenberg
Computing and Information Technology, http://www.uvm.edu/cit/